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Vorx Social Lab is a dynamic community of multidisciplinary social-at-heart specialists that bring together the best of Vorx's  creativity and strategy with the agility and performance focus of Social Lab to truly make brands matter in the Social Age.


We help Brands and Organisations unlock the business value of social in this new, more complex world by combining the power of creative content with the sophistication of data enriched insights and media targeting to deliver effective results.

We excel in both the creation of experiences and in the analytics required to optimise and deliver effective campaigns. We like to refer to ourselves as an agency that combines storytelling and the system of distribution.

We are a key partner to Facebook and work with many of the other platforms across a number of key global and regional clients such as , BMW, AUDI,  and  AMERICAN AIRLINES



  • Competitive Analysis

  • Brand & Communication Strategy

  • Channel Strategy (360)

  • Platform Strategy

  • Communication Strategy

  • Customer Journey

  • Audience Segmentation

  • Influencer strategy

  • Media Strategy

  • Cross-channel integrations

Breaking new ground with highly creative and integrated ideas, we develop launch concepts and implement high-impact media relations to build, maintain and grow brands

  • Concept development

  • Full service communication

  • Brand Identity

  • Activation / Experiential Marketing

  • Channel-appropriate content adaptation

  • Concepts

  • Graphic & Motion Design

  • Creation of production briefings + Shooting


  • Market Research

  • Competition Audit

  • Audience Profiling

  • Social Listening

  • Media Audit

  • Lead Analysis




  • Identification of influencers

  • Creation and continuous maintenance of a higher-level influencer database

  • Project and Relationship Management with Influencers

  • Advocates: Development of smaller influencer projects

  • Ambassadors: Creation, planning and implementation of larger influencer campaigns

  • Analytics

  • Paid Social Strategy

  • eCommerce Strategy

  • eCommerce Audit

  • E-retailer marketing consulting

  • Audience Strategy

  • Media Planning

  • Campaign set up

  • Daily Optimisation

  • Reporting & Measurement

  • Real-Time Marketing Center (in-house agency)


  • Continuous monitoring of the channels

  • Answering of First Level User questions

  • Handling of Second Level questions/complaints and market queries

  • Definition of process together with UC to hand over / handle 2nd level questions/complaints and markets queries




Positive curiosity – We surround ourselves with people who are always hungry for more. Our endless curiosity paired with determination pushes us to constantly chase the new and the next. Always on the move, we challenge the status quo. We embrace the opportunity to rethink branding, communications and marketing.


Integration – We value people who are true collaborators and team players, people who share, teach and bring others together, people who run towards the fire and help one another. Leaning in is what we do across Vorx, seamlessly eliminating silo mentalities.


Agility – We come from  strong  founder cultures and we cherish our entrepreneurial roots. ‘Finding a way’ with limited resources is in our blood. We value rapid iteration and learning our way forward. We don’t do ponderous or procrastination.


Result–driven – Performance defines our actions and makes ROI part of our DNA. We think twice before spending our clients’ money. We simply don’t do waste. 

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