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Vantage Point - Vodafone

Vodafone Business - Vantage Point (2).jpg


Vodafone Business needed a new way to position its services in the market. Sales and marketing had both aligned around a new value-based selling model, repositioning Vodafone Business from a provider of connectivity to a provider of digital services, defined by the outcomes delivered to customers.

Our strategy involved:

* Research and development of clear ‘white space’ topics to establish a compelling conversation no other competitor was involved in, or to at least provide a radically different view on existing topics.

* Working with three established influencers to provide fresh, ownable viewpoints on business and technology trends.

* Creating a rich online experience to deliver this new insight to the relevant audience.

*We employed three technology influencers to participate in a round table discussion to explore the future drivers of change, how to overcome the challenges associated with them, and what technology can do to ease businesses into the new world of work.

*We filmed over two hours of video content that we edited into segments and delivered to the user through the TouchCast platform – a first for Vodafone. Downloadable content in the form of innovation guides was served throughout the video, allowing the user to pause it and download content on the topics being explored by each influencer.

*The programme was supported by a multichannel digital campaign spanning paid and owned. In addition, each influencers’ existing audience was used to reach over 175,000 business decision makers.

*The results of the campaign smashed all projected targets and generated 35% more leads than estimated, as well as 50% more sales pipeline.

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