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We created the first female-led Ford Ranger campaign, starring seven of Australia’s most inspiring women. We chose women who were not afraid of facing challenges head on, supported their communities, were authentic storytellers and had a sense of fun.  

Our final talent lineup included media personality and chef Poh Ling Yeow, media diversity champ and journalist Lisa Cox, Olympian Morgan Mitchell, Champion Mountainbiker and Olympian Caroline Buchanan, tourism operator Kaia Wright, youth worker Brooker Blurton and photographer Gab Connole. Each talent was tasked with creating a long-form video showcasing their story and how they lived the Ranger life. 

The campaign reached over 1.5 million users through Ford’s owned channels and more than 400,000 people, predominantly Australian women, through the talent’s channels. In addition, YouTube content achieved over 450,000 views. The engagement rate for our partner talent was above and beyond the industry benchmark for branded post engagement rates proving that authentic human-first storytelling resonated with our target audience. 

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