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The way we eat is changing. Concerns about health and sustainability have seen us choose plant based food and drink more than ever before, but uncertainty about flavour, niche marketing strategies, and negative preconceptions of the category can be difficult to navigate. Our challenge was to launch Arley’s as a global, cross-category plant based food and drinks producer in a busy and growing market, with a name, strategic position and visual identity that would stand out amongst the crowd—ultimately helping to accelerate the transition away from animal products.

In a world of meat-shaming, next-big-things, and uncanny valley almost-meats, Arley’s gets straight to the point: Delicious, plant based food and drink that brings the whole table together and is as pleasing for the planet as it is for your palette. We created a brand language that is welcoming to vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and beyond; a fresh twist on a long and rich history of meat and dairy free foods.

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