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Gaming the system with superfans


Vorx PR has been working with Xbox for five years on everything from brand marketing, technology PR and digital content creation to issues and crisis management. Initially hired to focus on Australia and New Zealand, our remit has since been extended across Asia.

To mark the launch of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), we ran a competition where superfans could get their hands on one of 250 Greaseproof Controllers. Inspired by players using the phrase ‘Winner, winner, chicken dinner’, this limited-edition Xbox controller with trademarked greaseproof coating became an instant must-have for PUBG fans.


We knew superfans were our biggest asset and that they would tell the story for us if we just gave them a reason to do it. A controller they could use to play right through dinnertime did the trick and the media also loved it.

The Greaseproof Controller generated more than 160 pieces of coverage including spots on Channel 10 and The Project as well as top-tier sites for this audience including HYPERBEAST and UNILAD. The campaign had a global reach of more than 500 million.

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